Putting Your Family First

Divorce. No one goes into a marriage thinking it will happen to them. But circumstances change and if children are involved, ending a marriage can become quite complex. If you are thinking about splitting up, you will need solid legal representation from an experienced family law attorney. Vicki Rothman Attorney at Law in Escondido will work toward a positive outcome. I, Vicki Rothman, am a board-certified family law attorney who understands California’s divorce and family law processes. Let me provide attentive support for you through all stages of this anxious time.

Legal Options That Seek Optimal Results

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you and your children are my top concerns. I have deep experience representing clients through all aspects of the divorce process including all child matters. I can fight to protect your rights with your best interests in mind. My extensive knowledge of family law helps me intuitively strategize to strive for your best results.

My family law casework includes:

  • Divorce/marriage dissolution: I can assist in resolving couples’ legal issues with mediation and full representation in court.
  • Child custody: I keep your children top of mind and can handle post-judgement modifications and mandatory settlement conferences.
  • Visitation matters Both parents have rights to the children they love, I focus on solutions that work for you and your family.
  • Child support and spousal support: My firm seeks fair support payments for every couple’s situation.
  • High-asset divorce: I resolve divorces that involve substantial wealth and property.
  • Prenups: Allow me to document the financial and property rights of each spouse before marriage.
  • Domestic violence: I provide aggressive legal representation if you are suffering from domestic violence.
  • ***Appointed on San Diego County Minor’s Counsel 

With years of experience and a customized focus, I handle every case like it’s my only case. When possible, I can attempt to seek settlement, but will always prepare to give you strong representation in court. I will strategize solutions for your needs that strive to gain your most favorable results.

Driving A Positive Change For Your Family

I will be your strongest advocate. Arrange a consultation today and speak to me today by phoning 760-295-5141 or inquire via email about an appointment. Life is short, I can help so you and your family can move forward.